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Accountability for Sales Leaders

A group of highly motivated individuals encouraging you to overcome obstacles and mind the gap between top down expectations and reality.


Built in Network

A strong network of like minded professionals. There is also a secret Facebook Group for all coaching groups to network beyond your group of 9.



Weekly office hours for quick and casual drop in for occasional input as needed for challenges that may arise. Twice monthly video group calls with an agenda.

Propel yourself to heights you only imagined possible.

There is something truly impactful when you connect with like minded individuals. The concept that 1 +1 = 3 is alive and well. Connecting in a Customer Success Mastery™  group coaching session  can be the catalyst for your goals.

Learn the latest Customer Success Mastery™ to help you help your customers thrive and prosper.

Are you sick of trying to figure out what actually is working? Here in the Customer Success Mastery™ Sales Group we discuss what works and what doesn’t. We take our experiences as a group and all grow because of it.

Learn the latest tools that are being used and which ones provide the best value for you.

Are you sick of trying to figure out which tools actually work? Here in the BrainstorMM we discuss what works and what doesn’t. We take our experiences as a collective and all grow because of it. 


This is what other high achievers are saying

Ernie’s program has been such an amazing experience for me in both business and personal development. He is there with you every step of the way anytime, anyplace! Through his teachings and ongoing support, our team has been able to drives sales and expand our network

Steven Gonzalez,

Allan is an encourager and one who is willing to serve with excellence…we are grateful to have him as a contributing member…

~ Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen),

Amazon Top 100 Author

Allan is an encourager and one who is willing to serve with excellence…we are grateful to have him as a contributing member..

~ Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen),

In 2016 I (with a ton of help from Allan Dubon) refocused my website. Things have really taken off since the niching down. I took on a very high-paying project to pile up 6 months worth of money so I could dedicate the next 6 months % to my business. I just inked a deal to manage the outreach and marketing for a multi-million dollar business. I got a high 5 figure deal for the next 12 months

John Henderson, Coach and Marketing Consultant at:

Wheel of purpose

Applied in unison they create SYNERGY

This is just an overview of what we discuss and learn in the Customer Success Mastery™ group coaching sessions.
Ernie Lansford is a certified John Maxwell Team Coach.
John C. Maxwell is the worlds #1 leadership expert.
Ernie is licensed to use John’s material.


Stop the “multitasking.” You have a higher level of success when you focus, especially if you remember why you’re doing this.


Ease of customer engagement the basis for moving from tolerated vendor to celebrated partnership. We identify issues that plague simple business engagement.

Creating a Vision

Understanding who you serve and why. This isn’t just the ever so sexy “niching down” or creating a vision statement.

Professional/Personal Growth

Your success will plateau if you do not have a dedicated growth plan. We help you grow to the next level of professionalism to help you thrive and prosper.


In a world of automation, be a connector. Provide more value than is expected. Under promise and over deliver.


We hold you accountable to your agreed on actions to growth.


Working in short burst of focused determination begets more than drawn out stretches of work. Stop waiting for the perfect time.


Competency improves as you grow.

Your 3-step system for excellence

Creating a roadmap to your success

1. Describe Your System

Get a better understand of who you are serving and how to approach that market.


2. Unlock Your Potential

In the Customer Success Mastery™ Group Coaching Sessions you can see your value from the eyes of others.


3. Fine-tune your skills

Collaborate and learn from the best in the industry. Hone your skills by listening and participating in a group of like minded individuals in the same industry. Best practices are discussed in depth to help everyone move to the next level of professionalism.

Frequently asked questions

Written out in plain english

Is there a long term contract?

We don’t rope you into any long term contract, however, a 3 month minimum commitment gives you time to realize the benefits of group coaching. We bill monthly. Cancel anytime after 1st 3 months. .

Can I pay for my whole year at once?

Most definitely! You’ll recieve a great discount and a bonus coaching call when you do.

Will we have access to previous content?

Yes, all calls and slide decks are posted on a password protected cloud server.

Is the information accessible from anywhere?

Yes! This system is cloud based so you will be able to access anywhere you have a reliable internet connection.

Eliminate the tyranny of the urgent!! Stop chasing quota! Mind the gap between top down sales goals and reality. Move to your next level of professionalism, customer relationships, and income.

Your dream is waiting for you